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1) It's Passover. There are supposed to be macaroons on Passover. Besides, I *like* macaroons. Those vacuum-sealed cylindrical packages from Manischevitz or Streits used to be almost as easy to find in stores as Passover matzos. Somehow, not this year. I had to look at EIGHT supermarkets before seeing any at all. (By which time they had only two packages left. Of course I bought both, even though Passover is half over.)

2) Continuing on my way home yesterday, after going to supermarkets 7 and 8, I stopped at a tea shop. Rather than just drinking a cup of rooibos and going home, I sat there for half the evening. I had a really big cup of excellent rooibos tea in front of me, and I kept staying for one more page of _Always_. Or one more macaroon, slipped surreptitiously out of the backpack on the bench beside me. (Aud can't stand rooibos, but unlike some people I know, that sort of trivia doesn't stop me identifying with her. Doesn't even slow me down for a second.)

3) I went to bed at 12:30, not exactly like a sensible person, but maybe like a halfway-sensible person. Between the ongoing temptation of one more page of _Always_, and the the digestive consequences of more macaroons than are at all good for me, I didn't actually get to sleep until after 4. In between, I installed the window fan in the bedroom, and moved the duvet off the bed, though I'm going to need help packing it up for the summer.

4) The company that owns my apartment building is having some preventative maintenance done on the roof. I thought this was a great idea. Last week, they posted flyers, warning tenants not to be alarmed by noise or seeing workers on the roof. At 7:05 this morning, when I had my window open, and had been sleeping for less than 3 hours, I couldn't find any way NOT to be alarmed by it. It sounded like somebody pounding against my bedroom wall with a sledgehammer.


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