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if I knew what sensible WAS. My apartment building has a parking lot. That's part of why I rent an apartment here. (One is not permitted to park on the street overnight in this town.) It's not a great parking lot--cars have to park perpendicular to a fairly severe slope, and it's pretty crowded--but it's a great deal better than nothing.

Last winter, my car was run over by a snowplow in the parking lot. The car I replaced it with after it was totaled is bigger and older. This makes it harder to park, and less maneuverable in slippery conditions. For my peculiar orthopedic challenges, it's more comfortable to drive than my little blue car, but much more difficult and painful to scrape snow and ice off it. My landlord's response to the accident was to require that cars be removed from the parking lot after snowstorms, so the lot could be plowed. I understand their reasoning, but it still defeats some of my purpose of having a parking lot, as far as I'm concerned. I want to be able to leave my car in place until it stops snowing. It's problematic for me to clear off my car and drive in light snow, and in seriously bad conditions it's quite dangerous.

The first snow of the season fell last night. Half an inch, followed by a bright clear morning. It should melt this afternoon. When I was at the party last night, the forecast was for 2-4", turning to freezing rain. That...would have been bad. When I set out in the afternoon, I was all set to get myself home safely on the T (though some nice people in Cambridge ended up giving me a ride.) I wasn't thinking about how to take care of my CAR, and I'm not sure how I should have. I can't afford to have another car totaled.


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