Mar. 8th, 2013

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Because I'm moving, I get to fill out a lot of "change of address" forms. Or call companies I do business with and tell them. When I called my credit card company, the automated sysem was unable to change my address without also changing my phone number, so I asked to speak to a person. This person took down my new address (s-o-m-e-r-v-i-l-l-e) and then said, "I see you haven't updated your financial information lately. Can we just do that now?"

I had not been aware of ever updating my credit card company about any financial information other than what purchases I make with the credit card and when I pay my bills. And they don't *ask* me for that information. I asked the citibank employee what she meant by "financial information?" In the same tone that doctors use for "just a little pinch," she said, "just your salary and other income, and debts." When I told her I didn't see how that was their business, she was quick to assure me the whole thing was entirely optional. They just wanted to know so they could better serve my credit needs, but I didn't have to tell them. As it happens, my credit needs are served by banks that respect my privacy and don't sell me stuff unless I ask them to. (Oddly like my needs in other aspects of life.)

There's a bill they sent me before the address change. I'm paying it, and also filling out the space on the back for "changed your mailing address or email? Please give us your new information here." The same form asks me to "Please update your information." In writing, they don't say it's optional. They just ask for my salary, my other income, whether I own or rent my home, and what the monthly payments are. If I were asking them to extend me more credit, they woul be reasonable questions. But I'm not. They just feel like creepy intrusive fishing.


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