Sep. 9th, 2013

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Wordweaverlynn suggested I post a picture of the tea set I was just talking about, on the off chance one of you might be interested in it. So here it is.
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There are 8 of the teacups, 8 saucers, 6 dessert plates (7.5" square), a sugar bowl, a little pitcher for milk or cream, and 3 little serving trays (whose dimensions I neglected to measure before packing everything back in the bubble wrap.) There is a matching teapot I had intended to keep...but if somebody makes me a fabulous offer for the whole set including the teapot, and nobody is interested in the china without the teapot...I could be persuaded to part with the pot. I was kinda hoping somebody might want to serve coffee in the pretty little cups, and thus not need the pot.

It is Royal Albert bone china, with a little gold trim around the edge. It has a white background with a pixelated floral pattern that's meant to look like embroidery.
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Speaking of that nice china in the previous post. Are any of you interested in it?
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Sep. 9th, 2013 01:25 pm
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When I post flyers (please hire me to teach you math/help your kid get ready for the SAT/untangle the stats for your thesis), I have little tear-off tabs at the bottom of the page. As an aid to memory. That means at least 8 cuts. With some versions of the flyer, I also like to trim off the right and bottom margins so I can carry the papers in a smaller bag. So that's 10 cuts.

Obviously, it's a lot less trouble to stack up the pages and cut through a bunch of them at once, rather than cutting one at a time. Unfortunately, the paper I'm using now slides in the printer. I'm not talking about slippage in the stack I'm trying to cut. I'm talking about slippage during printing, so they're all supposed to be the same but one copy has a bottom margin of 1.5" and another comes out with a bottom margin of 1.625". It's easy to allow for that in cutting, but when the side margins slip it's a mess.

Can somebody recommend a grade or type of printer paper that is not-too-expensive that avoids this problem?


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