Jun. 19th, 2012 02:59 pm
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A bunch of uncooperative things (the MBTA, my shoulders, my old blackberry, high school students) are conspiring to make me consider getting a new gadget. Until now, I have used a stupid phone* for voice calls. I also have an old blackberry, with no monthly service plan, which I use only for ebooks and audiobooks. Because it doesn't connect to anything without a cable, I can't use it for GPS or email or other apps.

I was getting ready to go out last week, and dithering about whether to bring an ounce of sunblock, or a little package of tissues, or my sunglasses, or 2 ounces of water. Because I couldn't afford the weight of carrying ALL of them. That's when it occurred to me that I really should not be carrying separate devices for ebooks and telephone. I have been managing without GPS for quite some time, because my GPS is a third device that is hardly ever worth the trouble for me to carry, but there are times when it would be a great help. And I generally regret not having Nextbus at least once a week. In winter, I regret it much more often.

I haven't done anything about getting a new thingee, because it's expensive--both the gadget and the monthly service. And because I'm using something that kinda sorta works. And because shopping for something new is confusing and difficult, especially when I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing with it. So here I am asking for suggestions.

it has to do this for me to bother with it )

and wouldnt it be nice )

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

*I don't mean to insult it, when it has given me years of good service and cost me remarkably little. It's just not a smart phone.


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